class Rubyvis::Layout::Cluster::Fill

Constructs a new, empty space-filling cluster layout. Layouts are not typically constructed directly; instead, they are added to an existing panel via {@link Rubyvis::Mark#add}.

@class A variant of cluster layout that is space-filling. The meaning of the exported mark prototypes changes slightly in the space-filling implementation:<ul>

<li>node - for rendering nodes; typically a {@link pv.Bar} for non-radial orientations, and a {@link pv.Wedge} for radial orientations.

<p><li>link - unsupported; undefined. Links are encoded implicitly in the arrangement of the space-filling nodes.

<p><li>label - for rendering node labels; typically a Rubyvis::Label.

</ul>For more details on how to use this layout, see {@link pv.Layout.Cluster}.

@extends pv.Layout.Cluster

Public Class Methods

new() click to toggle source
# File lib/rubyvis/layout/cluster.rb, line 191
def initialize

Public Instance Methods

build_implied(s) click to toggle source
# File lib/rubyvis/layout/cluster.rb, line 195
def build_implied(s)
  return nil if cluster_build_implied(s)